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Times Square Arts unveiled the Juergen Mayer H.-designed “street furniture” installation, known as “XXX Times Square With Love,” on Wednesday morning. delivered for us a striking and original street furniture design that not only references Times Square’s X-rated history, but also offers users a very different way of looking at and sharing a place that, on average, is posted on Instagram no fewer than 17,000 times a day,” Times Square Alliance president Tim Tompkins said.

“In pedestrian plazas that can be overwhelming at times, XXX offers a clever and calming way to experience them that is new, while referencing the old,” he added.

One way to get your Web Cam up and running is with still image software.

This type of software uses your Internet connection to upload a single snapshot at a time, refreshing the Web image at varying rates (often every 30, 60 or 90 seconds).

Choosing A Camera There are three categories of cameras that can capture the live images you want to publish on the Web.

She’s trying to be strong, to be an independent woman.Not long after their unveiling, passersby stopped to lounge in and snap selfies with the new chairs, which were “originally inspired by the ‘X’-like intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue that forms Times Square,” according to Times Square Arts.The lounge chairs will remain in Times Square indefinitely, a spokeswoman said.At sites like you'll find links to Web Cam sites that let you take a live peek at places all over the world.From an office in Chicago to the beach of San Sebastian Spain or O'Connell Street Bridge in Dublin Ireland, there are a wide variety of interesting Web Cam sites to explore.

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