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To the south of Latakia lays the port city of Tartus. Another fact showing just how small this installation is: until recently, it was manned by a staff of 4 (four) Russian military seamen.

This last number is especially important in the context of the photos we will show below.

The city of Idlib is the capital of Idlib Governorate (region).

In the first photo we see what looks like a Russian recon UAV Pchela-1T, its radius is 60 km.

Grey circles are Jabhaat al Nusra, a “local franchise” of Al Qaeda.

Several days later, on September 2, photos appeared on social networks allegedly showing Russian fighter jets and an UAV flying over western Idlib.

As we knew that Tartus has a Russian naval depot and he wasn’t necessarily sent straight to war, we tried to learn the details from the girl (she could have been exaggerating her husband’s words).What’s even more interesting, the APC has a Russian speaking crew.Several days later, in the skies over Idlib governorate (bordering Latakia governorate) a Russian Pchela-1T UAV is spotted.Recently information has been spreading through blogs and media on Russian troops being moved to Syria with an intent to take part in the fighting. ” became widespread after a recent video from Syria, shot presumably on August 23 during fighting to the north of Latakia, Syria’s main port city. Summing up: in the video we see a quite rare “BTR-82A” APC with color scheme and number characteristic of Russian military units. The video’s title describes it as fighting close to Latakia. On that day, an independent organization “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) published dispatches confirming fighting close to Latakia: Other SOHR dispatches on fighting close to Latakia on August 23: • • • To understand the situation in the region we can refer to a current situation map. To Latakia’s south there’s Bassel Al-Assad International Airport (link to map), which at the same time is a military airbase (marked with a fighter jet icon on the map).We tried to investigate the information, verify, confirm or refute the assumptions and find new facts. Should Assad lose Latakia, he’d soon lose that airbase, and from there it’s quite a short road to Tartus.

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