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It classifies the maturation of species into “fast” and “slow” strategies.Fast strategies involve producing prolific amounts of offspring with minimal care. Very high death rates are acceptable, because only a tiny fraction need to survive to perpetuate the species.Humans, with many years of care and training required for independence, represent the slow strategy.

Steinberg that it's not correct to say that today's teens are less mature,” she said.

What is different this time is that the killer’s target was a venue where gay people congregated.

A dose of homophobia was added to the usual mix of religious fanaticism and self-loathing—a particularly potent dose, it appears, because it turns out the killer may have been As expected, the loudest screams on social media following the attack were from people either condemning Islam or condemning Islamophobia, but both the anti-Islam crowd and the anti-Islamophobia crowd generally treated the homophobic element of the crime as an afterthought.

The Christian right and the New Atheists tend to focus on Islam to the exclusion of other issues—ask them about the white gunman who was arrested with explosives en route to the Los Angeles Pride Parade the same day, and you might get a shrug.

Meanwhile, those on the anti-racist left usually refrain from criticizing non-white culture, because they see themselves as the embattled defenders of pluralistic liberalism.

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