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When an update occurs, the current row is updated to have END_DATETIME of the current time and status_control is set to NULL (or 'A' if preferred).

A new row is created in the detail table, still linked to the same master, with status_control 'C', the id of the person making the update and the new data stored in the XMLDATA column. The Create / Update logic is handled in an Oracle PL/SQL package so you simply pass the function the current ID, your user ID and the new XML data and internally it does all the updating / inserting of rows to represent that in the historical model.

"Partitioned Table and Index Strategies Using SQL Server 2008 When a database table grows in size to the hundreds of gigabytes or more, it can become more difficult to load new data, remove old data, and maintain indexes.

Just the sheer size of the table causes such operations to take much longer.

This allows us to see what our data looked like at any given time.

By indexing status_control = 'C' or using a View, cluttering isn't exactly a problem.

The detail having a NULL end date and STATUS_CONTROL of 'C'.Some co-workers and I got into a debate on the best way to store historical data.Currently, for some systems, I use a separate table to store historical data, and I keep an original table for the current, active record. Under my system, all active records will go in FOO, and all historical records will go in FOO_Hist.the ID on your master table or the MASTER_ID column on your detail) and use STATUS_CONTROL = ' C' to make sure you are getting current version. archived or deleted then you could in effect have no detail records with ' C' status control, i.e.Alternatively you might reference the detail ID to relate something to a particular point in time. no current row, though you wouldn't know when that happened.

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