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"We work with survivors of trafficking to ask them how a conversation like this would go."During a test phase, 1,500 people were convinced the chat bot was a real person.In the build up to the reveal, users are even asked for a photo of themselves to proceed.So we need to have a little chat about vaginal tightness.The idea that your vagina could get loose from sex was something I remember being worried about as a teenager.It’s apparently only by having sex with multiple partners that you can do yourself any damage.

According to a survey of 5,500 people by, one of the thing that women most want to hear from a man she’s having sex with is ‘you’re so tight’. For the avoidance of doubt, women are saying that they’re hoping to be complimented on the muscular elasticity of their vaginas by the person who is having sex with them.

HOPE U have a defense My law firm will INSURE you start caring about this issue.

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In an extensive report, the BBC's Dave Lee spoke to the companies behind the app as well as a former sex worker.

Although the chat bot does not yet have any legal weight, the creators are hopeful it will deter customers by reinforcing a psychological barrier."For someone who thinks they're anonymous, who thinks they can go on the internet and buy another human being, it's a big wake-up call," Seattle Against Slavery's Robert Beiser said to Lee.

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Women have genuinely suffered for vaginal tightness.

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