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They would prefer to get their information digitally, without shame or embarrassment, and in a perceived anonymous environment where they can get connected to the critical reproductive health services they sorely need.So what lessons can we as parents, educators and sexual health professionals take from shows like "16 and Pregnant?Television continues to be the most common medium and platform for viewing content -- a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that TV makes up the largest chunk of adolescents' media use, 4.5 hours out of a total 11 hours media time each day. In order for sexuality and sexual health education to be effective in reaching youth in the digital age, professionals need to partner with traditional pop entertainment outlets, and also promote their programs using social media -- frequent messages on Twitter, Facebook status updates and anonymous message boards for fans.After surveying thousands of youth nationwide for our newly released white paper TECHsex USA, we found that the most potentially effective sex ed programs are a mashup of pop culture, TV, social media, friends, family, mobile technology and experts.

Early results all substantiate the common-sense fact that the aptitudes, expectations and learning styles of students in the Internet Generation reflect the environment in which they are being raised -- one that is very different from the one that existed when their teachers and parents were growing up.Spurlock is best known for his Oscar-nominated 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" on the fast-food industry, in which he ate nothing but Mc Donald's food to show the health effects of the industry.He has produced dozens of other documentaries and TV shows and completed a sequel to "Super Size Me" this year.Betty si iubitul ei, Catalin Visanescu au o relatie de mai bine de 3 ani.De curand, mai exact vara aceasta, tinerii s-au mutat impreuna, singuri intr-un apartament.

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