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Translators need a lot of creativity to pull off the Woolseyisms which their job requires on a regular basis.

The first thing to go in a translation is usually wordplay, followed by awkward concepts, dialects and so on.

It's impossible to translate a song completely faithfully, since the translation has to match the music beats and often a rhyme scheme as well.

We see him shake his head when a man kisses another man on the cheek at a diner but later when he’s at home watching Liberace play on the piano, he’s in awe of his ability to play “with so many rings on his fingers” and he sighs to a younger woman who’s dropped in to check on him, “I don’t know why I ever cared who he fucked.” These are just two small passages that show Lucky taking into account just how long he’s spent on this earth and seen humanity shift, although he might not have himself.

In another reflection at the diner, Lucky spots a Marine closer to his age at the counter (played by Tom Skerritt) and they swap war stories.

His biggest role, in terms of screen time, was Wim Wenders‘ lyrical about a man who seeks atonement for his sins against his wife and child by wandering the desert completely alone sickened to temporary muteness at what he allowed himself to become.

John Carroll Lynch, a character actor in his own right (he’s still “not the Zodiac” and if he was he “wouldn’t tell you”), has made his directorial debut with and it features Stanton’s final leading role in the familiar lonely desert vista.

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Being alone in life might be easier than dying alone.

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