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Yet stories of being apprehended and arrested by the morality police were sometimes told with pride; occasionally, even parents were pleased that their children stood up for their beliefs.Some young adults courted run-ins with the morality police in the name of activism, boredom, or both. Something to get back at them, something to remind ourselves, Hey, we are alive! But although the social and sexual revolution in Iran has brought change, especially in how young people express themselves, Mahdavi asks, if some of the repression dissolved, “would young people still resist this way?The young woman was “kissing and being kissed by three men.” Mahdavi was unable to find the man who’d driven them; later, she learned that he had been in a back room procuring Ecstasy.When talking about their weekend adventures, some of Mahdavi’s informants focused on the recreational aspect of the parties: “[There is] alcohol, there is sex, there is dancing, there is—it’s just fun! ” Others viewed the parties as a representation of “all things Western,” a way of gaining status and claiming a cosmopolitan identity; some also expressed ideas about sex as freedom that harked back to ideas underlying the sexual revolution in the United States.Iranian youth had “restricted access to social freedoms, education, and resources (such as contraceptives or other harm-reduction materials)” that might minimize the risk of some of their behaviors.If caught, the punishments many young people would receive from their parents would likely be harsh. He was a wise and kind king and want the best for all. Konkaş 1) en akləmək8, l-bi eləmək, sınırlamaq, sınamaq\ ən-ək: l, əndaza.

Although physical punishment has decreased in recent years, Mahdavi notes, young people are still detained and harassed by the morality police.

The punishments meted out by the morality police could be harsher.

If caught drinking, for example, youth could be detained and sentenced to up to seventy lashes.

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