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I wouldn’t say that I was ever the proverbial ‘nice-guy’ pushover, beta, but I treated people well.

I was well-rounded and interesting, and fun to be around.

My ex in college was first my fuck buddy for a period of about 8 months.

This is the length for many relationships and in this time we were just fucking.

If there were events that required dates, we would take each other, but besides that there wasn’t much contact.

I told you to accept and embrace alcohol and drugs in college (but not necessarily indulge in them), but also how to cope with being introverted.

I started jack hammering away and thirty seconds later I’m softer than a fur coat.

I tried to get it back up and in, but it was futile. I laughed it off and then made out with her other sisters, but that experience didn’t leave me. This frustrated me, I got anxious, and it was a no go. We stopped seeing each other, because I started dating another girl, but coincidentally we ended up banging about a year and a half later.

I remember the first time I lost my boner: It was my 2nd bang.

I was hooking up with some sorority girl in my room after a mixer.

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