Friends dating your crush

Your friend may or not know about your crush, but on the outside at least, keep your friendship going.

Continue to do all the things that you used to together like shopping, going to the ball, bowling on Friday nights or going for a morning run three times a week.

Or your friend could go a step further and let your crush know that he/she is not interested, even plugging that someone else is.

Explore other social avenues If however you get the hint that your best friend too reciprocates the attentions of your crush, it may be better to ease yourself out of the situation.

But from now on consider hanging around with some other people.However it could also be that your friend is merely enjoying your crush’s company but has no romantic feelings for him/her.In this case you still have a chance and could look for ways to befriend your crush, spend time on mutual interests like sports or music so that your crush may like to value your company more than that of your friend.While you may continuing doing things with your best pal, if your crush drops in more than once or if your friend suggest that all three tag along to the movies, excuse yourself on grounds of a chore or another appointment.The point here is that your crush should not take you for granted or worse start using you to get near your friend.

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  1. ” Other times the answer was a sly smile followed by, “let’s just see where this goes.” With that response, it usually meant there would be no more calls or dates. Other times the response was avoidance and subject changes, or overcompensated confirmation that of course a relationship was the agenda.