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The existence of bony fish close to the equator where Nevada was located during the Early Triassic indicates that the temperature of the sea was a maximum of 36°C (95°F).

That is because the eggs of today's bony fish can't develop normally at constant temperatures above 36°C (95°F).

It would have pursued its prey in a similar way to the great white shark, attacking hapless fish with its ferocious jaws before swallowing them whole, scientists said.

The six-foot-long (1.8m) beast had huge jaws and three parallel rows of razor sharp teeth.

Tiny plastic particles in the water are eaten by animal plankton, which in turn are eaten by fish.

One of the key findings was that nanoplastic particles can cross the blood-brain barrier and accumulate inside fish's brain tissue.

Dinosaurs first appeared in the Early Triassic, but large amphibians and mammal-like reptiles were the dominant land animals.

Now, a shocking new study has revealed that tiny plastic particles can build up in fish brains and cause severe behavioural issues.The fierce predator was identified from a partial skull more than 10 inches (25cm) long which included the inch-long rows of teeth along the jaw margins.The fossil was dug out of rocks dating back 251 million years to a time when the desert famous for Death Valley - one of the driest places on Earth - was covered by a warm ocean.The catastrophic mass extinction took place about 252 million years ago at the boundary between the Permian and Triassic geological periods.Worldwide biodiversity then recovered in several phases throughout a period of about five million years.

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This was just a million years after the worst mass extinction in history, known as the End Permian, when around 90 per cent of all life was wiped out.

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