Dating site for disabled persons in usa

I would be much more inclined to avoid someone with a genetic disability if I was planning on having children. Why put that burden on yourself and your offspring if you can avoid it?

I have a condition called dysautonomia and I am severely limited in what I can do physically.

and i had sex with one with broken ribs, i couldn't lay on top of her.

And according to you, this "disability" really doesnt affect your life that much.I would hope that child bearing would be the last thing a woman thinks about when viewing profiles. I have a disability too, but I did not put it in my profile...hmmm, maybe I should, guys would wanna know what hanging out with a deaf girl is like?? Kudos to you for being open and honet about it, and if "the right one" swims along, she will not be put off by it.I know for a fact that his is not a genetic disability.. As well not all disabilities mean a person is unable to have the thought of it being passed on is not really there. Pfffftttt no wonder women get the impression men only think about sexi honestly put that i am disabled on my profile.

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My neice has a severe case of CP, but she's still a great person.

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