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Humor, angst, attitude, romance and heat, it’s all in here! Then again, dairy makes me sneeze, so there is that. While I enjoyed the interactions between Silver and Logan, the underlying plot and the dating site aspect/police didn't really work and the whole thing started to drag after they got together (view spoiler)Three and a half Ok I spotted this and had all manner of expectations. I really liked the idea of a modern , independent woman living in London and certainly Silver is an intersting up for anything character.

I received an ARC edition from Sourcebooks in exchange for my honest review. Plan on reading more by the author: Nope Synopsis Idiot girl gets kissed and sucked by a vampire. Plan on reading more by the author: Nope Synopsis Idiot girl gets kissed and sucked by a vampire. The idea of a dating site introducing vampires to humans in this post revelation era also ticked my boxes as I loved the idea that someone normally considered irresistible would need help looking for partners.

Without giving too much away Silver is helping the authorities discover as much as they can about the now out of their closet vampires and this really didn't work for me .

Unfortunately I couldn't quite understand why Silver got the gig as I would normally expect the police to use their own undercover operatives.

Less you think it's just sexy shenanigans I have to point out that the author found a way to show that Logan came from a different era and his idea to woo Silver was very sweet.

So I've covered the basic romance but it's more than that as we are given a whole new idea about vampires and their society.

When Logan returns, sparks fly and attraction sizzles, but they'll have to escape some very real demons if they have any chance of lasting forever.

New Year's Eve is not going according to plan for Silver Harris when she catches her date kissing someone else.

She would have surely perished without Logan lurking in the background. Were I a mouse, I'd be all about pate and not cheese.Then again, Silver isn’t one to do things by half and soon she is in over her head and in a race for her life, her heart and her blood with Logan by her side, as they are hunted by demons intent on making Logan pay for his past.…And to think, it all started with Silver’s temper, an alcoholic shower, a swift kick to the family jewels and a chance meeting with a vampire…talk about ringing in the New Year with a bang! DATING THE UNDEAD by Juliet Lyons had me laughing out loud with the antics of Silver!I had times when I wondered if she had a death wish she didn’t know about! And they basically keep talking about the same thing over and over again.That oddity aside it was fun seeing Silver and Logan tangle with each other and I have to admit their romance was written in a refreshing and contemporary manner which really suited the two characters.Silver isn't someone who is backwards in coming forwards and pairing her with dirty minded Logan worked .

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