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The term arose in the early 1800s in Britain when it was used in “saphead” and “sapskull”. Walk-___ : ONS A “walk-on” is a small part in a play, usually one without any lines.

All these words derive from “sapwood”, which is the soft wood found in tree trunks between the bark and the heartwood at the center. Afternoon, to Alejandro : TARDE “Tarde” is Spanish for “afternoon”. Royal ___ (Detroit suburb) : OAK The Detroit suburb of Royal Oak was incorporated as a village in 1891. Return to top of page For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers: Across 1.

The lyrics were considered so offensive that workers at the plant where the record was being pressed came out on strike rather than be associated with the song.

When it was eventually released, the BBC went as far as banning the record, not something that happens very often. Tout’s stock-in-trade : TIPS A “tout” (mainly in the British Isles) is someone who checks out racehorses and sells information gained to people placing bets. Fuzz : NAP A “nap” is a soft and perhaps fuzzy surface on cloth, leather, a carpet and even a tennis ball. “And thereby hangs ___” : A TALE “And thereby hangs a tale” is a line from William Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It”, and is an idiom that we use today meaning “there’s a story connected with this”. Many a numerator : ONE In a fraction, the number above the line is the numerator, and the number below the line is the denominator.

Sadly, Mineo was murdered in 1976 when he was just 37 years old.

He was attacked in the alley behind his Los Angeles apartment and stabbed through the heart. 8V8TB : SHAPED LIKE AN EGG (take the top off 8V8TB to get OVOID) 50.

When an arrest was made it was discovered that the murderer had no idea that his victim was a celebrity, and that his plan was just to rob anyone who came along. Novelist O’Brien : EDNA Edna O’Brien is an Irish novelist and playwright who is known for her works that shine a light on the problems of women relating to men and society in general.

O’Brien’s first novel, “The Country Girls”, was banned, burned and denounced by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

As a result, O’Brien left the country and now lives in London. Baseball great Buck : O’NEIL Buck O’Neil was a first baseman and manager with the Kansas City Monarchs, a team in the Negro American League. Actor Lugosi : BELA Bela Lugosi was a Hungarian stage and screen actor, best known for playing the title role in the 1931 film “Dracula” and for playing the same role on Broadway.

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Aether was the divine substance that made up the stars and planets. Electrified bit of sports equipment : EPEE The French word for sword is “épée”. Caligula was emperor of Rome after Tiberius, and before Claudius.

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