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Where ever you fi men think it is ok to over step the line and this site doesn't do anything when you report them?I've tried on-and-off, but all I seem to find is so called "men" who are only chasing one thing (one night stands), or arrogant child-like "men" who believe they can send a message with nothing but abuse - for no apparent reason!Why bother when there are other credible sites out there with pretty much the same people on them that ARE actually free to use?Profile Deleted :-) Really killed my reintroduction to dating sites,not one date in 6mnths only ever actually spoke to one lady,who decided the distance between us was too much to even consider a date.

The purpose of | The goal of | The objective of our agency is to meet all expectations of our customers, even those who are the most hard-to-please.

We are ready to provide calm and save setting with relaxed and romantic atmosphere for communicating and developing special relationships.

is working 24\ 7 to provide you with the possibility of using it any time you wish.

It rates pretty much the same as RSVP in terms of the scammer and escort agency profile ratio.

I have given really good reviews to companies who give good service.

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