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’ They probably thought they could get me in the car and I was too close to civilisation. It’s a bag filled with pink toxic goo that was dissolving the plastic bag it was in.He said ‘I bet you've never had anything like this before'. You have a wife and children - what was it like for them?Also it’s the ultimate defence against police informants because the most successful gangsters are the ones who make people too scared to grass them up. One of them was instantly suspicions of me and I was sort of fending off his suspicions with subtle verbal jousting to steer the questions away from me. He pushed me against a wall and saw the camera I was hiding. It wasn’t a sophisticated camera and there wasn't much doubt about what he’d found.What I did was launch a torrent of abuse at him about picking at my clothes and I started moving really slowly. But then I heard running behind me and I thought 'this is it'.One day, he answered the door and held samurai sword to my throat and accused me of being part of the DS (drug squad). But as every year went on, without fail, the people were more violent. Well, the idea that addicts are thin is just part of the stigma of drug use. Then it’s just the art of deception and staying attuned to the body language of other people and detecting the moment someone is lying. But I had no footage of him corroborate the other evidence.Spit was flying out of his mouth as he was growling and I could feel the cold steel on my throat and I thought that was it. And I heard some female laughing from behind him and a woman stuck her head out from behind the door and said ‘I thought he was actually going to say he was DS for a second! The ultimate defence against the development of police tactics is an increased use of violence to intimidate the community in which undercover police officers move. He had been hiding out so I tempted him to a car park with a load of counterfeit clothing and he came with this massive block of crack cocaine the size of a videotape and two mates that I didn’t know.

So, around two years later I was doing an operation in Fenton, Staffordshire, on a dealer I’d been buying heroin from for a few weeks. You have to be a real geek with knowing how people behave and you have to know it even more than the people on the ground. In 2001 - by that point I’d been doing it for about seven or eight years - I was in a six month operation and I got to know one gangster really well.

Just before this, he’d ordered someone to be beaten and he'd been dragged out bloody and bruised. He picked up on my hesitation instantly and became suspicious. So I tried it and he said ‘no, you want more than that’. And I could almost feel the mouth ulcers forming in my mouth. Well I didn't have the best relationship with my wife at the time but I still took kids swimming on a Sunday.

It turned out whereas street amphetamines are between 5 to 7 per cent pure, this was 40 per cent pure. I felt this warmth in my stomach and I was out of it. I’d be away two or three nights a week and travelling but on weekends I was with the kids.

An intelligence guy told me ‘I don't know why they didn't shoot you. The mistake I made was making myself out to be a connoisseur of amphetamines which I’m obviously not.

There's loads of intel that there’s a gun in the car! I meet this guy and he tells me he’s brought me a present.

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If you run away from a pack of wolves they catch you and eat you but if you stare at them in the eye and leave in a bold fashion you can confuse them for long enough to escape. It was the guy cutting up the crack and he comes up to me and says ‘nevermind my mate. And I go along with it and say ‘these aren't even my clothes. And then he gave me a rock of crack and I carried on walking. ’ Eventually, his mate must have convinced him i was from the police because when I got to the end of the carpark I heard screeching tyres.

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