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You could find a local restaurant phone number and call from Skype. Back in those days the user directories allowed you to search for much more than you could today: you could search for users by age, region, sex and language.

Version 3.0 of Skype had pretty much everything we know about Skype, including extras: small plug-ins that added features and games.

How it looked when Microsoft bought Skype (Skype 5.3) The group calls and other functions were included within a monthly subscription package called Skype Premium.

The same Peer to Peer technology is utilized for voice calls, and even the origin of the name of the program: Skype is short for “Sky Peer to Peer”.

Skype version 3.1 and successive apps became more social.

It was no longer a matter of calling your family, but also of connecting with new people through the network. It was a service which could create voice conversations with up to one hundred participants.

Bing Bar Skype installer Skype has slowly adapted some Microsoft’s overall style.

The first thing: a flat interface and the disappearance of icon highlights bring it in line with the rest of Windows 8.

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