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"Amy Yasbeck is a singular woman with a singular family.She writes beautifully of a couple that was as heart-felt and inspiring as they seemed from afar.She has also been pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming that inadequate care resulted in John’s death. The “things” are all reminders, whether it’s a stack of his books or a closet full of clothes that brings you to the point of sadness.But her priority remains raising Stella and helping John’s other three children—actor Jason (), 25, and college students Carly, 23, and Tyler, 20, from his first marriage to actress Nancy Morgan—cope with their father’s death. But you can go to the place in your heart where the person still lives and kind of touch the real reason you were with that person.11, 2003, John Ritter died on the operating table at Burbank’s Providence St.Joseph Medical Center as doctors tried to repair a dissection, or tear, in a previously undetected aneurysm in his aorta. At the same time, I’m still acting and writing and writing music. Every day I reach out to people and people talk to me about their experiences with aortic disease. People are able to reach out more easily and get information.

Her book, a glowing tribute to her late husband John Ritter, is beautifully written, very funny, and very moving. A: There is post-John Ritter awareness of aortic disease. Sadly, John had to pass for there to be post-awareness. Q: If this information we have today existed in 2003, would it have saved John’s life? (Laughs)Q: Is it safe to assume that John Ritter was the love of your life? We’ve created this thing called “Ritter Rules” — 10 rules that are culled from the actual guidelines for the treatment of aortic dissection. They were published in 2010 by a group that I’m involved with. My job is to make sure they get the current and most up-to-date information.

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Since then Miss Yasbeck has continued to do some acting (“That’s So Raven”), but most of her energies have gone into spreading awareness of heart disease. In the past when people mailed me photos to sign, I have always wanted to ask the people about their lives.

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