American man dating turkish women

He provided more civilian and government jobs for women, and sought to protect them against violence.

Now Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan is seeking to return women to their centuries-old struggles by encouraging them to wear head scarves, leave school early, marry, stay home, and have many children with restricted access to abortions.

In Germany, Catholic churches give a one-week preparation program to the partner that will marry a partner from a different religion.

Güngör said this practice is helpful for couples, adding that Turks also take the program if they are going to marry a Catholic.

He continued by saying that 71 percent of Turkish-American marriages end in divorce, while the rate is 60 percent for Turkish-German marriages, which tend to end in divorce within the first five years.

Almost 40 percent of Germans who are married to foreigners changed their religion, while the rate is only 3.5 among Turks.

For the last four years, Parliament has been working on a project to improve life, especially for married Turkish women living abroad.

Over 15 percent of the marriages were between Russians and foreign citizens.

Local records also revealed that in Alanya, a popular tourist destination in Turkey's southern province of Antalya, 314 women from 39 different countries have chosen Turkish men as their husbands.

He modernized and secularized the formerly entirely Islamic education system.

He encouraged women to get a university education next to men and to wear the clothes they wanted (with or without head scarves).

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