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Our major entertainment was going to the neighborhood moviehouses.

“Double programs” or two films for the price of one were quite popular, but the cinemas folded up with the advent of home video films which exposed young adults to the fast and wild morals of the western world. The post-war population of 30 million has almost tripled. These unhealthy vicinities have encouraged juvenile crimes.

Why are high school and college students seldom at home?

They are anxious to get away from their parents who are still teaching them “to be their child in the family” instead of letting them go to rediscover themselves as responsible and independent adults.

Instead, suddenly flashing back to his parent group, he realized what was happening and changed his approach. If teenagers want to do something that runs counter to our attitudes and values, they try to do it so we do not find out.

My sister Medy and I have fond memories of these simple shopping sprees which inevitably ended up with us taking refreshment of coke and bacon toast sandwich at the Chinese cafeteria or a glass of at the Quiapo market.To be on our teenager’s side, we have to know who our teenager is.We cannot be supportive unless we get into our kid’s world and understand what is important to him or her.Unfortunately they are (half-strong), the German’s term for the adolescent age.They are endangered species – specially the Filipino teenagers. While their counterparts in America and Europe work, most Filipino teenagers linger in shopping malls after school.

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